Minnie Meal Masters

Do you order food for
everyone at the office?

Do you have a drawer full
of carry-out menus?

Does everybody go hungry when
you’re on vacation?

Yep, that’s right. You’re in charge of the food. You’re a Meal Master!

What You’ll Get…

  • A Free Catered Meal for your Office
  • A $25 Minnies Gift Certificate that you can use however you choose (even keep it for yourself!)
  • Additional gift certificates when you refer your friends to Minnie Meal Masters
  • Coupons for other corporate discounts from Minnies

How It Works
Minnie Meal Masters is a program designed to recognize the special people who keep Chicago's office workers full and happy…whether it is lunch, dinner or a special event. When you register for Minnie Meal Masters, we'll bring a free catered meal for you and everyone in your office. You'll also receive the other benefits listed here. All that we ask is that you try our delicious Minnie sandwiches and keep us in mind for your future orders.

Meal Master Requirements

  • Your office's average delivery order must be greater than $100.
  • You must be located in the Chicago area.
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